First Web3 Fashion Runway | NYFW 2022

On February 12th, during the heart of NY Fashion Week 2022, we hosted the very first web3 fashion runway event with DIGITALAX, the Global Designer Network and the Global Models Syndicate.

The evening featured digital model + digital fashion projections, as well as the most trendy and up and coming web3 fashion IRL looks strutting down the runway. It was part of DIGITALAX’s realms initiative, empowering every designer and model in web3 to unlock material self sovereignty in this new market.

This clears the path ahead for LUME to translate the cultivation of dynamic gatherings of creators within immersive interactive space into the launch of our own CC0 NFT marketplace.

This is the first of many Realm Runway events, as LUME looks forward to supporting evenings like this more often and ramps up continuous releases of authentic web3 events, experiences and content in the lead up to the next Web3 Fashion Week during NFT NYC in June.

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